About Us

Creative Chaos specializes in providing customized technology solutions. Our eclectic client base spans a number of industry verticals across the globe, a distinction that places us among the leading technology players.

From Humble Beginnings to Market Leadership

Creative Chaos was founded in 2000 offering software and web services to a global clientele. From a grassroots level start-up, the company has grown to establish itself as a consolidated Business Enabling powerhouse. With a thorough understanding of the processes and tools essential for modern day businesses, it comfortably straddles the two worlds of technology and business processes.

Creative Chaos now boasts a diverse portfolio of over 450 clients and is currently engaged  with 60+ active customers. In 2012, the company was enlisted as an Arabia 500 finalist as one of the fastest growing technology companies of the region.

Today, Creative Chaos provides offshore and onshore services to a broad range of clients across industry verticals globally by leveraging its people, partners and business model.

Platform Agnostic

Innovation is at the heart of Creative Chaos. We believe that if a software company does not innovate, it will be replaced. This is why, we took a conscious decision to develop ourselves as a platform agnostic technology operation. Our expertise are not confined to specific platforms, rather we believe in enabling excellence at all available ends, regardless of the language, medium or technology – thus empowering our clients with a wealth of opportunities.

In the connected world of today, where ideas can virtually be transformed into platforms, it is critical to bestride the evolving worlds of technology and business processes.  Smart organizations deploy whatever technology is necessary to serve their business agenda. These behavioral and technology shifts make way for the need to be innovative and adaptable. This is where our platform agnostic approach has enabled us to translate critical agendas into creative, robust, and cost effective systems that in turn help shape a unique competitive advantage.

Business Incubation

In the developing countries, it is widely accepted that SMEs are imperative in generating income and help strengthen the economic ecosystems. However, due to their limited resources, they are generally unable to obtain greater benefits from economies of scale.

We believe that new possibilities of growth, innovations and employment would come from the smaller enterprises. Given the right measures and assistance, the SMEs of today will transform into enterprises of tomorrow. With that ideology at our disposal, we aim to facilitate small businesses and start-up ventures through our technology expertise and industry experience – helping them  through to the next stages  of their growth.

Our People

Our team comprises of enthusiasts and experts who are more than willing to take up challenges. We believe in a collaborative working style that accentuates teamwork, trust, and tolerance for diverging opinions.  Our unique culture and approach helps us deliver results that are aligned with our client’s needs and aspirations.