Banking & Payments

The Financial sector today is marked by globalization, consolidation, convergence, acquisitions, heightened competition, dynamic technology changes, and rising customer expectations. All of this having a direct effect on their operational goings-on. Not to mention the modernization of systems and ethical business practices as imposed by regulatory bodies. Therefore, it is essential for financial institutions to innovate and differentiate themselves by delivering high customer value through innovative products, geographic reach and superior service. This is where technology plays an all-important role in creating competitive advantage – by enabling new ways of reaching customers via new delivery channels and cutting-edge financial solutions.

Our Expertise

Throughout our tenure we have served over 20 different financial institutions – having a vast experience of working across different segments such as Consumer Mass Market, Corporate Banking, Bancassurance, etc. Our experts have been involved with a multitude of services ranging from designing interfaces & assimilating user experiences to providing and managing digital strategy & web presence for the given sector. With over 2 million views on the web properties we’ve crafted.

On the technology front, we have developed applications for payments collections solutions as well as implementation of payment systems for a mass audience