Net2Text is a technology startup that partnered with Creative Chaos for the development of its pioneer mobile payment platform, Boloro. As a startup, Net2Text aims to fuel local and global commerce via true mobile payment systems enabling merchants to connect with a network of mobile operators and allow their customers the option to make payments using their Airtime Balance.

Net2Text approached Creative Chaos with the task of developing a local mobile payments acceptance network for merchants around the world. Termed as ‘Boloro’, this product was focused at empowering consumers with a hassle-free payment solution that would allow them to use any mobile phone to pay over the internet, just by using SMS and their mobile phone credit.


Net2Text wanted Boloro to be an end to end secure mobile payment system, along with the carrier systems needed such as mobile subscriber querying and facilitating SMS notifications, using the carrier network. Boloro would allow end customers to use any mobile phone’s SMS function to purchase products/services, authenticate, approve, and pay for them using their mobile phone account. It would also serve as a cheaper alternate payment method that addresses a larger customer base for Merchants.  As a platform, Boloro would monetize networks and generate customer loyalty for Carriers. Last but more importantly it was to be vast and flexible enough to integrate easily with Carriers and Merchants alike.


Creative Chaos put to use their proprietary telecom integration solution, Teleai (Telecom Enterprise Application Integration), and combined it with a decade of successful product development experience. Boloro was successfully conceived not only in its entirety, but also by enabling the carrier network with the required support systems to facilitate this service and its secure functionality.

From adding a carrier PIN management infrastructure in to our Teleai platform for a Carrier Network, to developing a robust architecture which communicates with the merchant, and queries the carrier systems for subscriber information, authentication and the subsequent SMS notifications.