HP Open View

BEZ Systems – a Boston based software company provides Proactive Performance Management (PPM) solutions. PPM provides a line-of-business view of application and Oracle database resource utilization allowing the enterprise to accurately profile both current and future application performance, compare change and growth alternatives, forecast results to set expectations, and verify actual performance results versus predictions. BEZ Systems provides a view of future performance to confidently address increasingly rapid infrastructure changes such as server consolidation and adding new applications. It empowers IT to manage change, set realistic expectations, justify provisioning actions, and ensure the delivery of consistent, uninterrupted data service to the business.


BEZ Prophet is a next generation proactive performance management product from BEZ that extends the capabilities in traditional database performance management solutions and adds powerful predictive capabilities that allow IT to project resource utilization, performance, and service levels into future time periods. As the PPM industry evolved, it became critical that BEZ Prophet provides enterprise server monitoring and prediction capabilities to maintain its status as a leader in the PPM space. The business requirement was to develop a component that integrates BEZ Prophet with a server monitoring platform and extend their product to enterprises that have trust in these monitoring platforms.


The engineers at BEZ were already working on developing BEZ Vision 3.0 which was targeted to be the most powerful, feature complete PPM solution in the market. There was absolutely no bandwidth available to create a new component. Moreover, no research work had been done on a server monitoring platform and therefore Product Management had no way to estimate the time, team and resources required to complete the project.

Creative Chaos was initially engaged to research the HP OpenView Suite and identify integration points with BEZ Prophet.

HP OpenView is a suite of Performance Monitoring and Management software that enables enterprises to perform in-depth examinations of resource utilization and performance trends of applications, physical and virtual systems and services. The software proactively helps to detect and isolate performance bottlenecks using individual metrics or combinations of metrics that can be defined using both thresholds and duration.

Creative Chaos researched both the different applications in the HP OpenView suite and the BEZ Prophet software to understand how an integration component could be developed. After extensive research, integration specifications and findings were presented to BEZ who approved the development of the component.

Creative Chaos a stronger practitioner of Agile development and created a team comprising of developers and testers and started work on the BEZ HPOV Component. A tightly integrated environment was set up where the Boston and Karachi teams were sharing development and quality assurance environments, source control, and defect tracking solutions. A collaborative approach to software with daily scrum meetings and weekly status meetings ensured that the product was developed in time to be part of the BEZ Vision 3.0 Release.

Once the development team had completed the HPOV integration component, BEZ decided to take advantage of the offshore team and retained them to act as the developers for the core 3.0 application. Creative Chaos has evolved from a team that was initially engaged to perform research services on a Server Monitoring platform has now become an extension of Bez Systems Boston development team


– HP OpenView Performance Agent(HP OVPA)
– HP OpenView Performance Manager(HP OVPM)
– HP OpenView Interconnect (HP OVI)
Other technologies
– J2EE
– Spring
– Hibernate
– JBoss application server
– Oracle Database
– Wily Introscope
-Symentic i3 (previously Veritas)