WH Platts is a US based organization and has been in business of Video Archival/Distribution and surveillance solutions. WH Platts is the first company that provides Software based video surveillance solutions allowing complete customization and control. Creative Chaos was given a challenge to create a platform that revolutionized Video recording, archiving and distribution of Video.


Creative Chaos was required to develop a very simple software based Video recording solution that records, archives and redistributes videos securely. The possible implementations were with Law Enforcement Agencies, Schools, Hospitals, etc. The traditional video recording and archiving system posed problems such as: platform limitation with video formats, absolutely no portability and inefficient access to data.

The solution was also to provide the simplicity of “One Touch operation” for recording Videos on the go in Police Vehicles – along with the ability to remotely manage, record and receive video in “real time”. Furthermore, it was also to feature software based video recording, archiving and distribution; provide an onboard record and video archiving facility on Police Vehicles that would also allow remotely control video recording. And above all, it was to come across as an inexpensive solution.


Creative Chaos provided the Client with “Intelligent Recording, Storage Administrator (IRSA)”; a state of the art video surveillance, archiving and distribution system in less than 6 Weeks, making IRSA the first of its kind Video Management System. It provides an open, non-proprietary, enterprise software solution for the acquisition, management and distribution of evidentiary data scalable from one device to thousands. The system is effectively used by South Carolina Law Enforcement Department.

IRSA is the revolutionary video recording, archiving and distribution system. With its software based and platform free approach, it is also the first of its kind video archiving and distribution system that integrates features such as:

  • One touch activation of Video Recording
  • Mapping Tool and Incident Reporting
  • Real Time reporting
  • Auto Synchronization of Fleets via Host
  • Stealth Mode: Start / Stop audio via SMS
  • Upload data to hosts via 3G and CDMA networks
  • Forecast for Security Strategies (High risk areas, increased Police Patrol)
  • Analytics/Incident Reporting