Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with around 93,000 employees in more than 90 countries and territories. It has played its fundamental role in helping to meet the worlds’ energy needs for over a century.


Despite of having an extensive network throughout the globe, the company’s web platform lacked a geographically targeted website for Pakistan comprising of all information specifically related to the local region. However, the need of an independent website was not the task but to develop an online platform for Pakistan that could be integrated into the global CMS was the key requirement.

Hence, Shell Global approached Creative Chaos to propose a strategy for the development of a web platform for Shell Pakistan that would encompass complete information about the company’s local presence, thus developing a detailed digital presence for the region.

An effective strategy directed towards the rural areas of Pakistan where heavy consumption of diesel oil is seen was needed to be devised. It was necessary to deliver the message in such a simple way that it could be easily comprehended by the rural population that also serves as major consumers of the product. The message was to communicate the benefits of Shell’s Diesel Engine Oil brand “Rimula” targeting regions with high diesel engine oil consumption.

Creative Chaos was approached to devise a simple modus operandi to effectively deliver the message to the people of these rural areas.


Keeping the company’s approach and requirements in view, Creative Chaos presented a detailed proposal to the enterprise that incorporated a thorough plan of designing, developing and integrating a regional website for the company.

Creative Chaos developed a standard website for Shell Pakistan comprising of all basic features and having complete information of the business’s local presence. The website was designed in accordance with the global specifications and was thus easily merged into the enterprises preexisting Content Management System.

Augmented Reality

Creative Chaos put forth a smart solution involving the use of Augmented Reality in order to leverage technology in spreading word-of-mouth for “Rimula” and increasing adoption.

In this way, the company not only maximized the use of the digital frontier but also incorporated a strong presence on ground. The activity was carried out in the rural areas targeting the population involved with driving and maintenance of tractors, trucks and all heavy duty vehicles that are run on diesel oil. The purpose was to intelligently communicate the benefits of Rimula Diesel Oil.

The execution was carried out inside a truck where a large LCD screen with a camera was installed. Attendees were invited to hold a pointer in their hands in front of the LCD screen which led to an engine automatically appearing. The engine was animated to start and then rotate, showcasing the movement of engine oil and what it does for the smooth functioning of a vehicle. This worked like magic for the people of the rural areas and served to be a memorable experience in their minds.

Thus, a smart play of digital technology accompanied with simple on ground execution served to be an effective strategy that expertly delivered the main objective of the activity as well as helped increase adoption of Rimula in its target regions.


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