Coke Studio

A benchmark for music production, the Coke Studio sessions are, undoubtedly, one of the most popular music programs and a significant step that South-Asian music industry has taken over the past decade. In this day and age, a venture of this magnitude into the reach-oriented industry of media and entertainment could never be successful without smooth, impressive web presence and utilization of new media.

Creative Chaos (Private) Limited was approached and selected for the web development and optimization for Coke Studio in 2008, the first season of the series and, today, it is the charter’s leading agency, serving Coke Studio in 16 countries across three major market segments – Pakistan, India and  the Middle East,


The remarkable work done by Creative Chaos with the web development for this venture, boasts the international experience that the company had to offer. Further endorsing reasons why the global online development of Coke Studio was entrusted to Creative Chaos.

A simultaneous launch in all three markets was on the cards, thus, it was essential that the platform be robust and flexible enough to be able to accommodate changes. The replication of the model and unification of the platform was one of the main focuses, as the convergence of all three market sections was inevitable.

The architecture of the web platform had to be designed in a manner that could sustain the heavy traffic which was expected, along with adaptation to mobile platforms for on-the-go users.


Creative Chaos provided a complete new media strategy, which included plans for the utilization of all social media forums, including Facebook and YouTube. A centralized universal website, serving all three market segments was also developed, with the global architectural requirements of the website being met with proficiency and accuracy.

This allowed for the platform to be one that enabled instant new market reach and penetration, as was envisaged by the brand and producers. The claim that Creative Chaos managed to provide an optimal solution for Coke Studio’s web requirements would be a hollow one, if not for the simultaneous streamlining and visibly-smooth functioning all platforms  – that alone is testament enough to the scalable and sustainable solutions which Creative Chaos has provided the Coke Studio franchise.