Telenor Web Lounge

Telenor Pakistan approached Creative Chaos with a task aimed at customer facilitation through a web-based platform. The company realized the hassle that users were facing in carrying out simple tasks such as checking phone bills, call records or changing package plans, which could only be done by either visiting franchises or through tedious helpline calls.


Personalized services for customers were top priority for the client and a platform streamlining processes, such as managing connections, bills and packages, for users was the task set before us.


Creative Chaos put forward the suggestion of a Web Self Care portal, which was later rebranded as the Telenor Web Lounge. The functioning, updates and content of the lounge were devised in a three-phase plan, with all essentials of customer services being given due attention.

The first phase focused on providing users basic functionality options such as viewing call details, plans, monthly bills and payment history. This was followed by the introduction of functions on the lounge that allowed users to update, change and, in essence, manage their connections. Apart from selection of package plans and enabling or disabling services, the major component of the second phase was the introduction of online bill payment facilities.

The payment system devised by Creative Chaos was truly unique, as it carries out transactions at unmanned point-of-sales. The user’s debit or credit card is authorized only once, through signature, after which all subsequent bills can be settled online, using the same card.

The three-pronged strategy was rounded up by a third phase that, unlike the first two which were aimed at improving services for existing users, focused on bringing new users on board. This was achieved by adding options for buying new Telenor connections online and number portability on the Telenor Web Lounge.

The web lounge managed to have a significant impact, as a large portion of the call center traffic was diverted onto the web. This led to a marked improvement in the bill collection rate, proving the success of the automated transaction processing, while also providing users with easily accessible data such as itemized reports with clearly identified billing heads.

Lastly, the Telenor Web Lounge proved to be an apt platform for better customer service opportunities including personalized sales and post-sales calls, helping Telenor in greatly improving its customer repertoire.




Payment system integration

Single Sign On system integrated over 13 consumer applications via a custom-made SSO layer.

Integration with core Geneva Billing System/CRM.

SMSC Integration.