The Redwoods Group

The Redwoods Corporation is a social enterprise that deals with YMCAs, Jewish Community Centers and nonprofit resident camps around the United States. Redwoods provides its insurance services to at least half of the YMCAs in USA on a “not for profit” and “for benefit” basis; serving the community and supporting people in achieving their goals and evoking a positive change.


Despite being a social enterprise that serves communities and societies at large, there was a dire need for a digital platform that could enable people to interact, communicate and interconnect through a swift and efficient online mechanism.

The presence of a platform on the digital forefront that could not only bridge the gap between the community members but also abridge the distance between clients, employees and visitors was essential. However, the ultimate task was to suitably develop and implement a streamlined online structure that would inculcate the dynamic features of social interconnection throughout various platforms.

Hence, The Redwoods Corporation approached Creative Chaos to provide them with an enterprise level website encouraging social collaboration which serves to be the center point of all online communications.


Ensuing thorough research and detailed discussions, Creative Chaos proposed a complete comprehensive plan of an enterprise level website to The Redwoods Corporation. The proposal incorporated simple and effective solutions to all the demands and requirements put forth by the company.

Since social collaboration was the major focus and enabling cross communication was the key task, Creative Chaos developed a multifunctional ‘website wall’. The purpose of this website wall was to serve as an active channel where users could easily post queries, receive answers, intermingle with one another and form a community within a community; the users of which interacted with one another on a regular basis. However, mere posting queries and receiving answers was not the only feature.

Through the website wall users were facilitated to share all types of files, documents, research findings, events updates and all that could be integrated on a digital platform. This feature not only interlinked the gap amongst users themselves but also spanned the distance between employees and the visitors. Hence, a collective social communication was established on the forefront.

The Redwoods Corporation also required an online social setup that was directed towards connecting ‘clients and employees’. Therefore, at the back end of the entire social strategy, special focus was driven towards creating the much needed interconnection. Thus after the infusion of the social link between clients and employees, the enterprises’ digital presence was complete with the basic features of a standard website along with the incorporation of a well-integrated social linkage. The website was also mobile compatible and could be easily accessed through various mediums, platforms and devices.