IT has reformed how modern day businesses operate and has provided value-added services across various industry verticals – helping boost KPIs and generate higher revenue. Our profound knowledge of business and development processes enables us to support companies across all industries. We deliver expert solutions to our clients along with an intimate understanding of the unique demands of their respective industries.

Creative Chaos boasts an ever-growing portfolio of successful IT software development projects and web application solutions for a variety of business segments. Our expertise translates into efficient knowledge management and process maturity, which are at the heart of our ‘all-inclusive’ approach – enabling us to map trends across various market niches, integrate them with our tech insights and allowing our clients to secure a winning position in the market.

Advertising and Communications

The digital era demands a change in today’s advertising and communications environment. No matter how traditional the media output might be, the content is digitally transformed and processed by savvy use of technology. With the advent of mobile web and the rise of web 2.0 approach, distribution is no longer centralized.

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The global automotive industry is progressing a mile a minute and technology is the prime catalyst for this rampant growth. From design to development, a majority of functions and processes within the sector have been digitalized, including communication and marketing, the prime internal and external growth factors.

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Banking & Finance

The Financial sector today is marked by globalization, consolidation, convergence, acquisitions, heightened competition, dynamic technology changes, and rising customer expectations. All of this having a direct effect on their operational goings-on. Not to mention the modernization of systems and ethical business practices as imposed by regulatory bodies.

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Entertainment & Media

The next generation of entertainment and media channels proposes smart integration of Television, Internet and Applications. Mainstream content is now generated in digital form and processed by savvy use of technology. Creative Chaos offers a full spectrum of development solutions for entertainment and media companies – keeping our clients up to par with the latest trends and new media technologies while driving digital initiatives in accordance to business agendas.

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Successful food and beverage companies of today are taking advantage of new technologies to build agile business processes and transforming the challenges of compliance into a competitive advantage. Therefore, a growing need for flexible, adaptable solutions surfaces, which are in tune with business objectives and maximize brand consistency.

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Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas industry serves to fuel the world’s 6.9 billion people with 60 percent of their daily energy needs. In these progressing times, it has become vital for this industrial sector to evolve and keep pace with the ongoing technological advancements. Leading industries are largely profiting from high-end techniques and practices and efficiently growing their businesses while simplifying complexity with the apt use of technology.

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Public Sector

The Public Sector continuously needs to optimize agility and productivity while keeping track of the time, resources and budget constraints. At Creative Chaos, we understand the key technology challenges faced and the solutions required by the government in order to achieve efficiency and innovation.

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With efficiency at the core of procurement and supply, IT has a big role to play in the retail sector today. From the retail outlets to the back office order and supply systems, speed and reliability have become the key influencers. With the advent of Social Media and New Media marketing avenues, the industry is moving towards individual shopper centric: relevant marketing & selling, real time marketing and supply chain synergies.

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The Telecommunications industry is undergoing a wave of ever-evolving technological changes that are dramatically altering the competitive landscape and basis for strategic advantage. The challenges are volatile and progressively transforming, as the companies continue to keep up with each other.

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