Advertising and Communications

The digital era demands a change in today’s advertising and communications environment. No matter how traditional the media output might be, the content is digitally transformed and processed by savvy use of technology. With the advent of mobile web and the rise of web 2.0 approach, distribution is no longer centralized. The norms have now shifted from broadcasting monopoly on transmitted content to a more user-driven content paradigm. It is now imperative to attract and engage the users through effective use of new media platforms.

Our Experience

Creative Chaos has contributed its expertise to the sector through digital initiatives for renowned advertising and PR firms – bringing to the table years of experience and collaboration.

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We have developed digital strategies and web properties for associations such as Publicis, Mindshare, SoHo Square, Spectrum Y&R and Starcom. Our portfolio also features an array of clients across a multitude of media channels including Social Works London, Frequency Media and Empact Media.