We understand the value of building strategic partnerships with other businesses and focus on building long lasting relationships that deliver mutual benefits. Over the course of our operation we have helped our partners create more efficient business operations and increase productivity with our innovative IT solutions. From helping clients to cut down costs with extended offshore centers to helping them further their business objectives on digital media, we are open to collaborations where we believe we can provide value and create a win-win situation.

Partnership Programs – We Enable You

Business partnerships

Creative Chaos gives independent business consultants, domain experts and consultancy firms the ability to leverage our expertise to provide seamless professional solutions to their clients. Partnering with us will allow you to concentrate on your core business while we worry about technical details. With our ability to deliver IT resources quickly and efficiently we can take care of all programming requirements, database management, system management along with application and infrastructure management.From research to delivery, get in touch to find out how your business can leverage by partnering with Creative Chaos.

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Software Outsourcing – Remote Teams dedicated to your cause

For a business to succeed, it needs to be able to accommodate complex software and business requirements of its clients, backed with robust software solutions and cutting edge technology. However, given the expansive and complex nature of information technology and the expertise required, it is not always feasible for most businesses to develop and maintain this capacity in house. Contact us to find out more about our outsourcing program and how we can help facilitate your business for growth and expansion.

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Technology Partner for Startups

Our objective is to partner with entrepreneurial teams that have big ideas and a need for expert level technical assistance. While partnering with startups allows us to experiment in a commercial environment and spread out our risks, it also provides startup entrepreneurs with an opportunity to leverage our technology expertise and materialize their big ideas into great companies.Ready for  accelerated business growth? Get in  touch with us or meet one of our directors to discuss your proposal.

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White Labeled Services

The emergence of Cloud technology has brought about tremendous opportunity for businesses like IT support companies, VAR, MSP and Distributors. We enable such businesses to offer professional business cloud services to their clients by providing cutting edge technologies as white labeled services.Get in touch with our directors to find out more about becoming a partner.

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