Technology Partner for Startups

Technology Partner for Startups

Creative Chaos is passionate about entrepreneurship and aims to facilitate expansion for startups and entrepreneurs with creative project ideas. With our expertise and experience we are in a position to help accelerate execution for small & medium sized companies helping them maximize the value they have to offer before availing financing and exit milestones.

Dedication to Incubation

Our objective is to partner with entrepreneurial teams that have big ideas and a need for expert level technical assistance. While partnering with startups allows us to experiment in a commercial environment and spread out our risks, it also provides startup entrepreneurs with an opportunity to leverage our technology expertise and materialize their big ideas into great companies.

We’re looking for challenges

A significant percentage of our resources are dedicated towards incubation projects that are either joint-ventures with other startups or projects wholly owned by Creative Chaos. However, we’re more interested in companies looking to tackle unproven markets with unproven solutions rather than companies looking to provide yet another solution to an existing problem.

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