Small Screen. Big Impact.

Until recently, using the internet was an “activity”. You had to go to the internet. With the emergence of mobile, we’re now in a world of one line of connectivity. We don’t have to go to the internet anymore; the internet is now an intricate part of our lives. With mobile, it’s literally in the palm of your hands or better yet, in the palm of your customer’s hands.

Mobile is relevant to every business. The question is; how can you make your business relevant to mobile?

Web access by people on the move, via laptops and smartphones is set to overtake web access from desktop computers by 2015. This has already had a big impact on user behavior and expectations. People use mobile internet to conduct point of sales research, while waiting in lines, to navigate around a new city, check-in at various locations via mobile  social networks and to purchase products and services.

Consumers are just as likely to engage with brands, browse and use applications on their mobile phones as they are with traditional digital media. Demand for mobile content is rising either as a specific app or mobile optimized site. Given our technology and software knowledge, we can create the right mobile marketing strategy for you to increase brand awareness, loyalty, engagement and harbor a positive return on investment.

Our team of experts can craft content and information architecture that marries agility with functionality which scales as traffic increases. Into this, we can add an appealing interface that is both easy and intuitive to use supported by mobile analytic tracking to monitor success.

  • Mobile Web

    Organizations around the world always want to reach their customers on time. With mobile applications, websites and m-Commerce solutions, businesses can interact with their customers instantly and on the go.

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  • Mobile Promotions

    Effective promotion for the next generation requires brands to become omnipresent and interactive. We help clients with integrated mobile promotions including mobile strategy, campaign sites, mobile media planning, SEO and Analytics.

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