Mobile Web

Organizations around the world always want to reach their customers on time. With mobile applications, websites and m-Commerce solutions, businesses can interact with their customers instantly and on the go.

Mobile Websites

With a rough total of 1.3bn mobile phones worldwide, it is becoming increasingly essential to have a mobile website – as mobile users expect to complete a variety of daily tasks by using their smart phones.

Your customers will have constant access to your products or services through the palm of their hands. Our web developers can design & build the mobile version of your site according to mobile web principles for optimized display on smart phones like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia with a perfect rendering, fast loading and greater user experience.

Mobile Commerce

The digital age has dramatically changed the way buyers and sellers connect.

Mobile technology has empowered the customer with evolving e-commerce tools to make the buying experience easier and more pleasurable. As the usage of next generation handsets grows and mobile technology continues to advance, bringing the experience to the consumer will increasingly mean delivering it to their mobile devices. Online merchants who want to stay ahead of the game should be looking to test the market early or risk being left behind as their competitors take these principles to the next level.

Our m-commerce solutions help  extend the customer touch points for browsing online catalog, conducting side-by-side product comparisons, receiving personalized marketing and promotions, completing transactions, obtaining store location information, and providing an accurate view of orders and inventory availability. Shoppers can now indicate where they are located so that they see the right pricing and availability for their location.

Our expertise will enable your business to quickly adopt mobile as a new selling channel while harnessing the power of personalized marketing and extending the reach of your brand – leaving your customers with an optimized mobile shopping experience like never before.