SQA and Software Testing Consultancy

Every company engaged in development projects requires SQA & Testing for efficient, timely and cost-effective development. However, in many cases, having a large team of full-time testers is not profitable. Instead, such companies should be able to secure the right talent with the required skills and experience as and when required. In other cases companies require testing to be conducted at the project site and can’t afford to outsource due to the sensitivity of the project. Our SQA & Testing Consultancy and training services are geared towards providing practical and professional solutions to such business critical questions.

As part of our consultancy services we can lease out our qualified SQA engineers to work on your site to seamlessly augment your own QA team. In addition, they can provide the extra strength that you require in order to reduce time-to-market of the product and ensure overall management. While our experience and expertise guarantees top notch consultancy services, we make extra efforts to facilitate our clients with increased responsiveness and flexibility.

In essence, we enable our clients to use our SQA & Testing experience to enhance production value and derive true business benefits. With dedicated QA teams, Creative Chaos has an extremely wide experience over varied engagements and is equipped with state of the art software testing tools expertise. Our SQA engineers are trained and experienced professionals that can help streamline your QA process and easily grasp any testing tool your team uses.

Our contribution to your success comes in the form of augmenting your team strengths and aligning ourselves with your business objectives to enhance the value of your people.

Our Software Testing and Quality Assurance consultancy services include:

  • Analysis and requirements management
  • Long range planning and short term crisis resolution
  • Identification, pursuit and delivery of measurable business value
  • Customer satisfaction measurement and improvement

Training Services

Over the course of its operation, Creative Chaos has acquired expertise in the domain of SQA and testing. With its training services, we strive to share the knowledge and experience that has been acquired through rigorous training, building  processes and procedures and familiarity with a diverse range  of QA and testing  tools.

Our scope of training services includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Functional Testing using Quick Test Professional
  • Functional Testing using IBM Rational
  • Performance Testing using LoadRunner
  • Performance Testing using IBM Rational Performance Tester
  • Software Quality Assurance Process

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