Multi-tenancy and SaaS

Software-as-a-service has emerged as one of the most cost-effective alternatives to traditional packaged applications for enterprises. This delivery model has enabled businesses to not only achieve their business objectives at a lower cost but also open up additional revenue streams, using technology.

With the flexibility of cloud computing, Saas, solutions are being leveraged by businesses around the world as the affordable, quick to deploy and secure alternative. With zero infrastructure investment and the added benefits of seamless upgrades, SaaS has experienced incredibly high adoption rates.

With our extensive experience of software architecture and platform agnostic technology expertise, Creative Chaos has excelled at the processes required for analyzing business requirements and complimenting them with relevant multi-tenancy and SaaS Solutions. From analyzing to designing and implementation we empower your business with a scalable solution and back it up with high end support to ensure seamless growth and integration.

Using the Software-as-a-Service as the delivery model, Creative Chaos has helped businesses of different sizes harness the power of multi-tenant solutions to create compelling business value.