Delivering Sustainable Agility

The importance of being agile cannot be stressed on enough in today’s competitive, rapidly changing and flattening world economy. While organizations desperately need to adopt the “agile” mindset, agility alone does not pave the way for success. What businesses really need is “sustainable agility” and this is where the SOA approach comes forth with its unique values- transforming complex software into agile and reusable service-based solutions.

The SOA approach helps mediate, route and manage interactions between services and software, both in the enterprise as well as in the cloud. Software integration requirements have diversified and expanded in the last ten years. Today, businesses require activity monitoring, B2B integration, event processing, business rules and much more. Adopting the SOA approach allows development to be unified along with runtime, monitoring and management across multiple components. At Creative Chaos, we recognize the importance of having a unified approach for businesses and have catered to meet these requirements across industry verticals- fulfilling their present and future integration requirements.

Our focus is on transforming your business into a globally integrated enterprise-one that is both agile and sustainable. To this end, we have recognized the SOA approach to be highly effective in reducing risk, time-to-market, response rate to business requirements as well as significantly lower the cost of ownership. We believe SOA is the preferred method of delivering sustainable agility empowering you with the ability to respond to changes, opportunities and threats, quickly and effectively.