Social Collaboration

Bringing business networks together

Advancement in Social, semantic technologies are fueling a new era of collaboration that provide enterprises with an opportunity to bridge the gap between social and business ends for maximum efficiency. Social Collaboration can be made to work in numerous ways for your business; from promoting peripheral awareness amongst adjacent teams for enhanced performance to knowledge sharing, gathering, information dissemination and the way work gets done in your enterprise.

The Web and social networking in particular has faced a paradigm shift in recent times with the boom of efficient and fast paced social networks. Picking up from the concepts of consumer social network  services like Facebook and Twitter, social collaboration has matured into a new kind of platform that enables fully networked enterprises. Cloud technology has played a significant role in the maturation of social collaboration enabling enterprises to integrate it within their systems, cost efficiently.

With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, enterprise social collaboration is emerging with new opportunities every day. For businesses to be able to leverage these opportunities it is imperative to understand what’s changing, why its changing and how can it be applied to their enterprise. At Creative Chaos, we understand that in order to maximize the benefits of social collaboration it needs to be aligned with specific business operations and processes. This is  where we help organizations develop a process oriented perspective to social collaboration enabling collaboration technology to work for the enterprise.

As it is, SoCo has become a first tier concern for organization leaders and they are increasingly incorporating the infusion of various social avenues as a central part of their strategies and operations. These collective tools increase efficiency, broaden growth opportunities, enhance outputs and drive innovation in order to obtain success for a business.

At Creative Chaos we engage with customers, clients and employees to reap greater gains for businesses. We aim at enlightening our clients with the utmost importance of a well-established structure that brings together all social mediums which are not only limited to the web but also inculcate the company’s corporate existence and are directed towards the greater objective of achieving the finest results.

From building enterprise level social collaboration platforms to helping solve strategic challenges with our understanding of the web’s social capabilities, Creative Chaos continues to deliver customized solutions to meet unique business requirements.

We capitalize on the use of social collaborations bringing personal profiles, wikis, blogs, social networks, social applications, social bookmarking and innumerous other tools under one umbrella; establishing a complete and consolidated infrastructure for our clients.