Innovation is at the heart of Creative Chaos. We believe that if a software company does not innovate, it will be replaced. This is why, we took a conscious decision to develop ourselves as a platform agnostic technology operation. Our expertise are not confined to specific platforms, rather we believe in enabling excellence at all available ends, regardless of the language, medium or technology – thus empowering our clients with a wealth of opportunities.

In the connected world of today, where ideas can virtually be transformed into platforms, it is critical to bestride the evolving worlds of technology and business processes.  Smart organizations deploy whatever technology is necessary to serve their business agenda. These behavioral and technology shifts make way for the need to be innovative and adaptable. This is where our platform agnostic approach has enabled us to translate critical agendas into creative, robust, and cost effective systems that in turn help shape a unique competitive advantage.


Business Process Management (BPM) & Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems have changed the entire landscape of how business is done. To remain competitive now, you have to be faster, more agile, less bulky and most importantly, have the smoothest workflow of all your processes.

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Build Automation

Build automation makes it possible for the software developer to script, or automate, tasks that they do in their day-to-day activities including things like: compiling computer source code into binary code, packaging binary code, running tests, deployment to production systems and creating documentation and/or release notes.

This makes the task easier for the developer, eliminates repetitive tasks and hence decreasing development costs in the long run. Employment of this technology at Creative Chaos enables us to deliver high-quality work in less time, with low costs.

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The emergence of Cloud Technology has had a profound impact on modern business-changing the way we think about technology and its business functions. Creative Chaos has endeavored to, not only embrace this computing model but is proactively harnessing its capabilities to deliver effective web-based software, middleware and computing resources to a diverse portfolio of clients.

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Content Management Systems

Creative Chaos possesses extensive experience working with content management systems ranging from designing custom CMS solutions to implementation and customization of existing CMS platforms. Our in-house team has developed numerous CMS systems from scratch catering to different industries like pharmaceutical, Financial, entertainment &media and many more.
Our working knowledge of popular CMS systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, coupled with our understanding of business processes and vertical requirements enables us to deliver value added customization. We build customizations into existing CMS systems based on your businesses’ unique requirements facilitating your operations in a cost effective and efficient manner.

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E-Commerce Platforms

Having worked with a wide range of Ecommerce systems, Creative Chaos has the ability to expand upon the native functionalities of prepackaged solutions as well as build robust eCommerce systems from scratch. From Magento to OSCommerce and Prestashop to Shopify we can use these systems to create online shopping
portals with intuitive interfaces and ease of use backed by enhanced search engine visibility.

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Creative Chaos possesses a large team of seasoned architects, lead engineers and developers that have gained a profound working knowledge of Java technologies. With deep development experience, our Java experts are highly skilled in the development of three-tier enterprise web-based applications, client-server desktop applications, rich client applications and mobile apps using Java technologies.
Creative Chaos has is actively involved in developing enterprise and web applications using the various application servers and web containers that Java has to offer. Of these, we have notable experience working with Tomcat and JBoss to tackle middleware.

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Creative Chaos is a Microsfot Gold partner specializing in SOA, business processes and information worker solutions. With extensive experience in Microsoft technologies our expertise range from .Net programming to SQL Server services and SharePoint to Compact Framework development, Silver Light and Microsoft Exchange Servers.

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Operating Systems

We have skills and expertise in all the major operating systems available and can work in diverse sets of environments.
The three major operating systems – Windows, Macintosh and Linux are required for different projects because of unique advantages each can provide. From application development using Microsoft technologies, to unleashing the server-side awesomeness of Linux, Creative Chaos has done it all.

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With experienced PHP developers on board, Creative Chaos offers high quality web-application development services.
PHP, best deployed on Linux, Apache web server, and MySQL database engine, (LAMP) makes for amazing and surprisingly cost-effective web-applications.
PHP is a preferred language for web-developers due to a number of reasons; it has the ability to embed itself into the HTML code, it is a very high performance, extremely stable and a reliable language. Furthermore, it has very low development and maintenance costs and supports many database engines.

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Reporting and Business Analytics

Decision making, if it has to be effective, must rest on the two pillars of competent data mining and accurate performance analysis reports, and on the web, the importance of effective decision making is coupled by the urgency for the same. In attempting to create the most comprehensive and useful reports, most business leaders end up spending a majority of their time creating static reports rather than analysing the information. Time, and precious opportunities are lost in the process.

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Version Control Systems

The purpose of Version Control Systems is to basically track changes that happen within directories or files. Depending on the type of version control system, this could vary from knowing that a file has changed to knowing specific characters or bytes in a file that have changed, overall, it is the management of changes to documents, computer programs, large web sites, and other collections of information.
Creative Chaos, with experience in its implementation of Version Control Systems both in-house for development, and for its clients has come up with simple solutions for collaborative work. Tracking Changes, Revisions, Updates, Resolving conflicts, Viewing differences and Branching and Merging are things that are simply taken care of, so you can concentrate on your core business.

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Web Servers

We can provide the best combination of hardware and software to deliver your content online because we have significantly invested in hiring certified professionals who can work across platforms. We understand that different clients have different needs and one-size-fits-all is a philosophy of the past, hence we have developed an ability to work across all choices available to us today.

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