The emergence of Cloud Technology has had a profound impact on modern business-changing the way we think about technology and its business functions. Creative Chaos has endeavored to, not only embrace this computing model but is proactively harnessing its capabilities to deliver effective web-based software, middleware and computing resources to a diverse portfolio of clients.

Into the Cloud- Over the Rainbow

From startups to large enterprises, we’ve helped  small & medium sized companies embrace the cloud for accelerated growth and integrated large organizations with cloud computing  to help reduce their costs. Our development experience with cloud technology entails harnessing the power of RackSpace Cloud Servers, RightScale Cloud  Management and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to provide creative and cost cutting solutions for our clients.

Deployment & Infrastructure Management

Delays can cause significant complications, losses and increase project costs.  This is why speed and agility are important when it comes to deployment. Leveraging its experience and expertise, Creative Chaos can speed cloud-app deployment and back it up with robust infrastructure management.

Our team of architects and engineers can work across multiple enterprise datacenters and have a top-notch understanding of datacenter and deployment solutions. Our handling of cloud deployment and infrastructure management focuses on two key elements- lowering  infrastructure operating expenses and speeding up deployment.

Fast, efficient, scalable and thorough-that’s  how we manage cloud technology here at Creative  Chaos. Contact us to find out how we can help you leverage cloud computing  to its maximum potential.