E-Commerce Platforms

Having worked with a wide range of Ecommerce systems, Creative Chaos has the ability to  expand upon the native functionalities of prepackaged  solutions  as well as build robust eCommerce systems from scratch. From Magento to OSCommerce and Prestashop to Shopify we can use these systems to create online shopping portals with intuitive interfaces and ease of use backed by enhanced search engine visibility.

End-to-End Ecommerce Solutions

Our expertise allows us to integrate every element of Ecommerce into your system. Inventory management is a critical element of an ecommerce system. We can develop specific solutions based on your custom requirements for inventory management or build enhancements based on your requirements into existing systems that give you added stock control.  Our team of engineers have a thorough understanding of the different business aspects involved in Ecommerce development and back that up with their technical expertise to produce an optimized machinery for Ecommerce. Sales order processing, purchasing, customer services and dispatch notes are all essential parts of the eCommerce cycle that are  taken into consideration  while planning a suitable development solution.

Focused Approach

Our experience in delivering Ecommerce systems across industry verticals has allowed us to develop the solid approach to enable our customers to get maximum ROI from their investment in eCommerce. While it is critical to gain proper understanding of business processes and requirements on one end, it is equally important to adopt a user centric approach on the other. Our focused approach ensures that the end product is something that performs well for you as well as your customers. By developing a seamless Ecommerce system we can facilitate your enterprise to benefit from easy management and tracking and further fortify your website with enhanced user experience that makes online shopping easy and hassle free.


Considered as the preferred e-commerce platforms by many, Magento is a robust open source product developed using the Zend Framework. Magento’s popularity is largely due to its comprehensive support features for essential e-commerce  tools  like site management,  marketing  and  promotion  tools. Furthermore, it offers  excellent support and opportunity for order management, checkout  payment, catalog management, international support as  well as Analytics & reporting. Creative Chaos can help develop modern web store designs based on Magento or transfer your existing  online store to this open source  platforms and make functional enhancements  for better store management and support.


Shopify is also one of the more popular choices  for ecommerce development. As an open source  product, Shopify gives  you the ability  to design custom  themes and take advantage  of liquid programming. Shopify also offers  an extensive  library of applications that can be integrated with your online  store. Creative Chaos can further enhance the functionality of your Shopify web store  by building custom applications and tweaks into your web store.


OSCommerce is a versatile  online store management  software program. Its popularity comes from the fact that it can basically be used with any web server that has PHP and MySQL installed.  The latest release of OSCommerce covers the essential functionality elements required  for setting up a web store. Creative Chaos can help augment OSCommerce  existing ad-ons or custom  code functional enhancements to meet your specific business needs.


As one of the more recent entries into the market, Prestashop has made quite an impact with its enhanced client experience functionalities. With support for AJAX and DHTML along with a simple and flexible backend, Prestashop is a solid ecommerce platform to build your online store on. With a rapidly growing  community, the  number of crowd-sourced applications and  ad-ons is on the increase. With our development experience  we can integrate custom  functionalities and enhancements into  Prestashop based online web stores  and transform them into  a robust and  user friendly solution.


A feature rich and user friendly open source  shopping  cart system, OpenCart is a robust and reliable choice for  online merchants. Web stores based on OpenCart benefit with the ability to create unlimited  categories and product listings. With support for Multi  language and currency, OpenCart gives you the opportunity to reach out to a global market. Creative  Chaos can help integrate OpenCart with various  payment gateways  and build useful enhancements in this open source system to fortify your online web store.