Creative Chaos possesses a large team of seasoned architects, lead engineers and developers that have gained a profound working knowledge of Java technologies. With deep development experience, our Java experts are highly skilled in the development of three-tier enterprise web-based applications, client-server desktop applications, rich client applications and mobile apps using  Java technologies.

Creative Chaos is actively involved in developing enterprise and web applications using the various application servers and web containers that Java has to offer. Of these, we have notable experience working with Tomcat and JBoss to tackle middleware.

Using industry best practices, Creative Chaos is well versed with different approaches that can be adopted to middleware layer development. From lightweight solutions using a combination of Tomcat and Spring to industry standard solutions with EJB deployed to JBoss we can further extend our expertise to produce bespoke custom frameworks based on your specific requirements.

Middleware and Presentation Layer Development

Creative Chaos strives to deliver top notch execution by reducing time-to-market using server-specific libraries for applications that are tied to a specific type of server. In addition to increased development speed we further fortify our development with enhanced stability and robustness.

In scenarios where a target server is undefined we have the capability to develop generic applications that can be plugged into any standard-compliant application server. Furthermore, we can facilitate our client’s requirements with seamless application migration from one type  of application server to another.

Based on cutting edge technologies, Creative Chaos makes proficient use of Spring, JSF, GWT and Struts to empower Java based applications. With a focus on optimization we aim to limit the reliance on excessive Java code in web pages and further ensure business logic is separated at the presentation level.

Our team is skilled in latest technology innovations and approaches, using front-end development languages like MashUp, Syndication and AJAX and further integrate them with third-party and custom developed JavaScript components.

Adding Value with “Richness”

Applications that require enhanced UI features that are not supported by HTML-based web clients call for a different approach. Creative Chaos caters to this by developing desktop applications based on Java Frameworks like Swing and Eclipse, optimizing them for a three-tier environment or client-server development. Using Java Web Start and Java Applet deployment approaches we can also develop and integrate custom UI components as required.

Databases, Reporting and All Round Expertise

When it comes to databases, Creative Chaos has experience working with various DBMS’s including but not limited to MS SQL, MYSQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. Over the course of the operation we have built data warehouse and database clustering solutions using an open source approach to cater to our client’s requirements. These capabilities are further backed by our grasp over various reporting tools from JasperSoft to Crystal Reports and BIRT to custom reports using iText and XML-FO.

Need Java development? We  know it like the back of our hands. Contact us.