Operating Systems

We have skills and expertise in all the major operating systems available and can work in diverse sets of environments.

The three major operating systems – Windows, Macintosh and Linux are required for different projects because of unique advantages each can provide. From application development using Microsoft technologies, to unleashing the server-side awesomeness of Linux, Creative Chaos has done it all.

Microsoft Windows

From application development to enterprise management systems, Windows has it all. It remains the most widely used end-user operating system. It has the highest number of applications and software available, more than all other operating systems combined. Hence, Windows continues to be very important, and as a market leader, Creative Chaos´ core expertise in using and creating windows technologies remains unmatched in the market.


Elegant and stable, Mac has a very specific niche in the PC market. It is for those who do not want to see the cogs and the kinks in the machine, those who just want to concentrate on what is the most important thing for them. Macintosh is a tool used by the imaginative, and when skill meets talent, nothing can compete with this unstoppable force. At creative chaos, we have artists who understand the power of this tool and use it with the ease of a brush on the canvas.


Linux dominates the global market for webservers with its amazing killer-app, Apache. It is also the most cost-effective solution sometimes because it is an open source software which attracts all other open source software. It was already the most secure OS, and  now, day by day, Linux is becoming faster, more stable and more available. More and more computers are on Linux due to these factors, and hence, more software is being made for Linux, and in many cases, exclusively for Linux. At Creative Chaos we understand that we not only have to be ready for the future but also spearhead its arrival, that is why we have embraced Linux and other open source technologies before any of our competitors.