With experienced PHP developers on board, Creative Chaos offers high quality web-application development services.

PHP, best deployed on Linux, Apache web server, and MySQL database engine, (LAMP) makes for amazing and surprisingly cost-effective web-applications.

PHP is a preferred language for web-developers due to a number of reasons; it has the ability to embed itself into the HTML code, it is a very high performance, extremely stable and a reliable language. Furthermore, it has very low development and maintenance costs and supports many database engines.

The Power of Web Apps

Many CMS software have PHP at its core – hence making PHP one of the most important languages online.

At Creative Chaos, we understand and anticipate the major trends in technology, and thus far, it is obvious that harnessing the power of web applications can be the best thing organizations can do for their future. With our strong expertise and our experience in the market, we know what and how to deliver.

PHP Frameworks

PHP frameworks are another aspect that make PHP attractive to developers. These frameworks streamline the the development of web applications written in PHP by providing a basic structure for which to build the web applications. They help promote rapid application development (RAD), saving you time, helping you build more stable applications, and reducing the amount of repetitive coding for developers. We have experience working with all major PHP frameworks, including:



Cake PHP