Reporting and Business Analytics

Decision making, if it has to be effective, must rest on the two pillars of competent data mining and accurate performance analysis reports, and on the web, the importance of effective decision making is coupled by the urgency for the same. In attempting to create the most comprehensive and useful reports, most business leaders end up spending a majority of their time creating static reports rather than analysing the information. Time, and precious opportunities are lost in the process.

Data Mining and Data warehousing

The most important weapon that anyone can have in this age of information is Data. However, the chief difficulty many face in using this weapon is that a lot of people donĀ“t know how to use it. Gathering data, storing this data is as important as making sense of the data. You have to know where you get your data from, how you get it, and what to do with it. Creative Chaos has not climbed to the top of the industry without knowing these things – and our smartest clients understand this.

Technologies to Analyze your business

Creative Chaos employs the latest and the greatest tools for gathering data and turning it into meaningful information, making Business & Analytics Reporting one of our strongest services.

To these ends, we employ the latest, cutting edge software solutions and technologies:

Crystal Reports

SQL Server Reporting & Analysis

Oracle Reports


Digital dashboards

Business Objects

Oracle Business Intelligence Suit Enterprise