The Telecommunications industry is undergoing a wave of ever-evolving technological changes that are dramatically altering the competitive landscape and basis for strategic advantage. The challenges are volatile and progressively transforming, as the companies continue to keep up with eachother. From the complex technologies and overwhelming newer choices to vendor support problems and quantum leaps in customer demands, today’s Telco’s are subjected to ever-mounting pressures from all ends.

Our Experience

Creative Chaos has provided industry leading solutions to telecoms and boasts an 8 plus years of experience in the sector. We have delivered holistic digital management solutions for clients such as Ufone, Wateen and Telenor. We bring with us huge experience and expertise in designing and developing custom applications. With extensive industry knowledge, our team has deployed several campaign and project-based applications across platforms such as youth-oriented and corporate web properties, mobile web and Social Media.

We pride ourselves in developing a unique mobile self-care solution for Telenor Web – Persona Web Lounge, which endows the user with access to call center operations such as buying, purchasing and operating without a hassle. A technology innovation similar to the one used by Google Products, it integrates 18 different services sign-ons into a single sign-on solution.